Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby has received a response from Brighton and Hove City Council following his recent enquiries into the Council’s child poverty strategy.


Mr Kirby had raised the issue with the local authority following recent news reports showing significant levels of child poverty in the UK, including in Mr Kirby’s Kemptown constituency.


The response from the Childcare Strategy Manager outlines the Council’s three tiered approach to child poverty; addressing day to day finances; improving skills training and employment opportunities and establishing a range of long term preventative safeguards.


Commenting Mr Kirby said, “For too long child poverty has been one of the most serious issues facing our country and recent newspaper reports have confirmed the persistent nature of this problem.

Child poverty is a complex issue which incorporates financial hardship, lack of employment, failings of the education system, family breakdown and other socio economic factors. It requires a comprehensive approach and I welcome the response I received from the Council which outlines their strategy across three key areas.


At a national level the Government published the very first Child Poverty Strategy in 2011 which set out a plan to address root causes by promoting work, strengthening families and supporting the most vulnerable.


I will be doing what I can to support local efforts to combat poverty across all areas of my constituency, as well as reminding the Government of the commitment they made in 2011 to eradicate child poverty by the end of the decade.”