Coombe Farm Saltdean

An application has been submitted to Brighton & Hove City Council for the development of 67 houses on land at Coombe Farm in Saltdean.

I have made a formal objection to the council regarding this application as part of the public consultation phase and I am encouraging all local residents to make their views known so that they can be taken into account.

I have concerns about the proposed development for the following reasons:

My approach is that applications for new dwellings must first and foremost be on more central brownfield sites before any urban fringe site is considered. 

My other objections are based on the following concerns:

Density – I believe 67 homes on the site is too dense and will lead to an overdevelopment of the site;

I am concerned about the impact on local infrastructure issues, particularly access to school places, especially primary school places, availability of GP surgeries (where a number of GP surgeries have had to take new patients following the closure of others in Brighton) and the impact on the local roads. The A259 is already very busy and there are traffic jams for miles during the peak hours. This is the situation already without cars from 67 more dwellings. I would also be concerned about the creation of rat-runs through Saltdean, especially in the Saltdean Vale and Tumulus Road areas.

Local residents are concerned that traffic congestion issues will be further compounded by the narrow road into and out of the site. It has been suggested that emergency vehicles would find it difficult to access the site, if needed and that air pollution would become a factor given the number of vehicle movements in the area. I do however, understand that there are plans to make the access road wider and that these have been approved by BHCC.

There are also businesses in the area that will be adversely affected and if the planning application is agreed then noise from the local dog kennels could be aggravating to the new neighbours.

Anyone wishing to make a submission to the City Council can do so via letter or email. The correspondence needs to include the application reference number BH2016/01903.

More information can be found here:…